What is Royalty?

The damage Royalty has done throughout the human existence.

With the disarray of the Royal family in England, and with the disarray with the United States Government, one must ask what is Royalty. As many of you, I to have watched the primetime special Oprah with Meghan & Harry

we need to go over what Royalty means. Hollywood has done its part to represent some type of Royalty in the Cinema, but what many don’t know is what it really means to be Royal. What is happening in the United States is also Royalty. No the United States is not connected to a Monarchy, but the history of the US does show at one time it was about Royalty. Why the United States is even here in the first place.

With the docuseries Amend on Netflix Starring Will Smith as the Host, We get a better look into the history of the United States. Though the Docuseries is manly covering the later part of the United States development, we get to see what kind of people founded the US. What we need to remember is where these people came from. Before the United States was even a thought.

I need to take you all the way back to before the American Revolution & the Sevens Year War, to explain Royalty. Unfortunately this will consider an enormous amount of writing and explaining to do. I know some would love a long read but most don’t have the time for that. So I came up with a solution to break down Royalty with our very own history. I will be producing a series on our YouTube channel: [Purple Monkey Ballers YouTube Channel], using videogames to shine the light on all this mess.

What many in this world fail to realize is that, right in front of them are the answers to life problems. No I am not talking about religion. In my point of view religion is a bigger issue then government itself. Government may make life difficult for some with their greed, but religion? that is a whole other ball game. It’s time I do my part to pull the veil off and reveal what really is underneath. This will be unbias and un adulterated by religious viewpoints or political power. This will reveal what really is going on in the world and why we need to stand for the better of good. It is time we put an end once and for all to the Old World views on Life.

Dr. J