The Warrior!


Article by Dr. J 04/14/2021

More death fills the air with a stale pungent smell. Blood flows in the rivers as bodies fall to the cruelty of the White people and their Supremacy. In the wake of recent events in this year two thousand and twenty one, I have become abhorred of the ways of this country. I’ve watched as other countries are suppressed by their government. They are being murdered in the streets. Myanmar is the most recent coup to happen in the world. What many do not realize is the United States of America is on the brink of a coup and second civil war.

Following the 2020 US election on January 7th, 2021, the United States Capitol was ambushed and several people died with a multitude of people severely injured. This was considered an attempt coup of the former President of the United States. The ridicules thing is the united states government is doing absolutely nothing about it.

There is a hunt out for the people that stormed the capitol but they are sure taking their time in finding them. All the while more people die because of these sick people. You see in the united states of America, they are known for exterminating all the brutes. This government thrives on the blood of dark skinned colored people. This government soaks their very existence in the blood of colored humans, as a symbol of purification.

In the coming months I will be producing a YouTube series on our YouTube channel Purple Monkey Ballers, exposing white supremacy. This time is different. Though many have told the story for many years, added to the story and done an amazing job of tell it, the most recent one, Exterminate All The Brutes on HBO Max, many fall short by only starting around the founding of the United States. I will be going back further. I will once and for all tie biblical and mythical writings of ancient times, with modern warfare and major historical events. This series will take years to complete, with it never really ever being completed.

The United States is going to answer for all the bloodshed they caused throughout the centuries. The white supremacist's are going to answer for all the bloodshed they caused throughout the centuries. I am finally going to tie the lost history of our ancient ancestors with our modern day ancestors, all the way to this very age we live in today, the 21st Century.

It’s time we come together and put an end to these peoples disgusting evil wicked ways. It’s time White Supremacy to end and for the people of this world to rise to a coexistence way of life. I will not stand and watch as people are murdered before my eyes for absolutely no reason at all except the color of their skin. It is time I rise to the vigilantly my destiny has guided me to.

Will you stand with me and destroy white supremacy? I ask you to join me in this fight. We need to put an end to the ruthless killings and exterminations they have been getting away with for centuries.

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel Purple Monkey Ballers, to be ready for the New Series based on the history of humankind. We will stop white supremacy once and for all.

Dr. J