Aug 9, 2021 • 26M

Dr. J's Weekly News Insights

Dr. J goes over news highlights from last weeks events.

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Dr. J's Insights covers things going on in the world, mental health topics, motivation and world culture.
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In this episode of Dr. J’s Insights we go over,

the bad AQi around the US and world, from all the fires burning.

The controversy in wearing masks to prevent COVID19.

Friends and family grilling outside

CDC Guidelines For Fully Vaccinated People

Most imports we talk about the, climate crises presented by the IPCC.

New IPCC climate report is the clearest guidebook for selecting a future |  Ars Technica

Link to IPCC article.

We all need to do our part to curb the climate crises, as well as COVID19. To all US citizens let us find a middle ground and come together to show the world, we can do better as a human society on this planet we call EARTH.

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