Bitter, in a world of Hate.

The sad truth about humans.

Article by Dr. J 03/21/21

Humans. A species that only cares about themselves. These creatures have never really cared about anything else but themselves. They destroy the earth and consume everything in their path. Humans have no regard for life itself, as history has shown they just take whatever they want without any regard to the consequences of their actions. I live in a world where hate consumes most of the population of humans at this present time of existence. As I lay here writing this article I am filled with sadness and grief at the state of the world.

You see we are still going through a pandemic of the 21st century. People just do not care about the lives of others. They fill the streets in protest for their rights. The sad thing is at this moment no one has any rights as we are all battling a very small virus that can kill us from the inside. These humans just don’t care about the lives of others. They fill the streets without any protection and have been for over 365 days. I have been forced inside my house with no end in sight. My life has become a joke. The thought of death is so peaceful because of the filth I live in as part of this world.

How am I suppose to trust the human race when the human race is so untrustworthy. People keep trying to say that there are still good people in this world. I beg to differ. I see people only on a me first life course. Those that say they care really are only saying it to help themselves get more popular. So yeah I don’t see humans really caring. I was born into a society that loves the life of violence instead of love. There has been so much death in the last couple of years, it feels like a decade has pasted. More death has happened then with all the world wars and 9/11 combined. This is world war 3 and I see the virus winning this war.

Connecting with this species is becoming very difficult. As if it wasn’t difficult before, it’s become even more difficult during these trial times. I have lost a lot of interest in living in such a world. Why should I continue living I ask myself every day I awake from my sleep. A sleep I wish I did not wake from. Everyday I wish I will not wake from my slumber as to face another day in this cruel disgusting world.

There are over 1 million people dead from the virus alone, not including all the other deaths that have not been calculated, from other violence or diseases floating around in this forsaken world.

I am just so sick of the tedium of it all, just so tired of life itself anymore. I can’t just be happy with my life. No I have to cater to everyone else and their algorithms. The 21st century has proven to be a let down in my point of view. With so much potential at our finger tips and people decide to use it for the stupidest things. Why was I born into a world of such despair? I did not ask for this. So why am I forced to live like this?

You see if we don’t comply to the movements of the people then we don’t exist according to them. I see it everyday with all the racism still around in this world. You mean after all our advancement in medicine you still believe there is a pure race of color, even though it doesn’t matter the color of you skin whether your cells develop cancer or not?. My point exactly, hatred is what thrives in humans.

It’s been like this for centuries and with so many bad values still looked at as good values, I don’t see an end in sight. These people are stuck on religious values that have only brought pain and suffering to the world. Religion has caused this suffering and no one bothers to open up their eyes.

How is someone to live happily when so many hate such a person because of their: color of skin, disability, intelligence, logic, way they look, their hair, their smile, their very existence. Just a few days ago from the writing of this article, their was a mass-shooting in the US targeting Asians that are US citizens, killing 8 people 6 of which were Asian, at an Asian massage parlor.

So tell me how am I suppose to live happily when shit like this is going on all around me. I read articles only to find the ignorance of people stating nonsense like, “oh you must just be to sensitive, that’s why you’re not happy.” Really! You call me to sensitive, I call you insensitive. The audacity for the disregard of life itself makes me sick with these people. And there are a lot of them. 2020 & 2021 have lifted the veil of these sick people, revealing their true state of mind.

White supremacy is still flourishing in the world. For thousands of years it has flourished, and nothing is being done about it. Everyone’s either to afraid to step up or can’t because they are silenced by such supremacy.

How does one connect with people when all one sees is deception and hatred all around?. I honestly do not know. I am struggling as I write this to do this very thing, connect with people. there are almost 8 billion people on this planet and it feels like the ones I want to connect with are hidden from me with all this supremacy floating around. When I finally do connect with some that I feel a connection with, I end up finding out they are no better then the ones that are suppressing our lives of existence.

I want to be free. I am tired of pushing so hard to live a quality life. But what I can see is my bitterness has grown so great I’ll end up alone, dying alone, because I don’t agree with the movement of the world. So why should I continue going, why should I keep optimistic about life, when so many are suffering worst then me. This is why I stay down and in a dark place because my fellow humans that are in this dark place are not allowed to be free of the darkness because of supremacy.

Why be happy when they are not allowed to be happy. Humans need to slow down and remember life. Because if humans do not see what is to come, we all are going to perish from their stupidity and life itself will just be a memory somewhere in this universe, of what was once the planet earth.

Dr. J